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2017 SHARES ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE TODAY! Combo share discount program or payment plans available! 

    Here is the info for those of you who aren't so sure yet... 

What is a CSA Membership?

As a member of Cecil Creek’s CSA, you are an essential part of the farm. By purchasing a CSA membership you actually own a piece of the harvest from our farm and the products from our partner farms.  You truly become part of the local farm to table movement.

Your membership in our Certified Organic Veggie Share entitles you to a share of the produce the farm grows just for your family! In addition to what we grow here at Cecil Creek, our sister farm Summer Wind, also from Gloucester County, supplies our members with USDA Certified Organic vegetables.

Cecil Creek Farm Market offers only the freshest local, organic, and environmentally conscious items available which will include Sustainably Raised Eggs, Local Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cranberries, Meats, Honey, Milk, Artisan Cheeses, Dairy, Jams, Jellies, Chutneys, Sauces, Oils, Pasta, as well as a variety of other items that embrace the farm to table lifestyle.

Once the harvesting begins, you will receive a weekly share of vegetables. The quantity and variety of the share will vary some from week to week depending on the harvest but our farmers work hard to make sure your family has a bountiful share of healthy veggies. We offer you as much choice as possible in your weekly CSA share.  While most items are available for you to select at the CSA table weekly on your pick up day, some items will be offered as ‘U-Pick’ so you can have some "farm fun" as well. 

Cecil Creek will invite you to participate in and learn about how your food is grown. Throughout the season, we’ll open the farm up for Member Activity Days, Meet the Farmer events, seasonal festivals and more. We also offer classes, seminars, and other exciting farm events for which our CSA members will receive a discount. All farm activities are optional for members; it is up to you how much or little you want to be involved.

No other local farm gives their customers as much access to their food and the local farm lifestyle as Cecil Creek.

What to Expect?

What your membership includes:

  • Member discounts to the seminars and classes that will be held in the Market on topics such as Organic and Sustainable Foods 101, Canning and Preserving, Healthy Cooking, Lacto-Fermentation, Local Honey and Bee Keeping and many other topics.

  • Member Activity Days where you and your family can learn more about how your food is grown, what farm practices we use, even some ideas on how to prepare or preserve the great seasonal harvest.

  • Weekly Newsletter to keep you informed about upcoming events and great recipes from our amazing chefs!

  • 5% off all purchases in the market. 

 Any week that you are not available to pick up your share on your scheduled pickup day, you can have someone come in your place.

Is there Risk?

It is important to note that being a CSA member does come with a risk…At Cecil Creek we invest in growing techniques that help to ensure consistent harvest like the use of high tunnel growing, soil building and trickle irrigation.  While these investments help to protect the harvest from excessively wet or dry years, we cannot protect the harvest from all of the risks of farming. When the farm has a great year you benefit from the bounty by having access to an even larger variety of produce.  If there is a year that is not as good as others we all share in those years as well.  That being said, we will work very hard to put an abundance of good healthy food in your share and on your table.

2017 Planned Crops  

Green Bean
Beets (3)
Bok Choi,full and baby
Broccoli Rabe (Fall)
Brussels Sprouts (Fall)
Cabbage (3)
Cauliflower (Fall)
Chinese Cabbage




Eggplant (5)

Kale (2)
Melon (2)
Lettuce (7)
Mustard Greens

Onion (3)

Peas, Shelling 

Peas, Snap
Peas, Snow
Peppers, Bell/Sweet (10)
Peppers, Hot (7)

Pickling Cucumbers

Squash, Summer (5)
Squash, Winter (5)
Sweet Potato

Wax Beans

Swiss Chard (3
Tomato, Plum 
Tomato, Slicing (5)

U Pick Crops

Tomato, Cherry and Grape Ground Cherry 


Anise Hyssop 

Lemon Balm 






The number following the item indicates the approximate number of varieties of that item we will be growing.

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